Services Offered

Mental Health Counseling

I provide individual therapy for people 18 years of age and over. The focus of mental health counseling is to help you utilize your own strengths to remove obstacles standing in the way of living a fulfilling life.


I use the following specific, evidence-based therapies in my practice:

  I use mindfulness-based cognitive behavioral therapies (CBT) for recovering from depression, anxiety disorders and panic disorder and for managing chronic illness and pain. This type of therapy helps you let go of thinking patterns that create sadness, fear and frustration about yourself, other people and your life. It also helps you change unhealthy behaviors and practice new behaviors that help you feel better and live well.

  I use trauma-focused therapies for recovering from physical and sexual abuse, domestic violence and post-traumatic stress. This therapy includes CBT as described above along with work on emotion regulation skills and systematic desensitization to deactivate traumatic memories.

  I use a process called Motivational Interviewing (MI) to work on emotional and behavioral issues that interfere with living the fullest life possible. This process helps you move through stages of change at your own pace, with empathy for where you are now and support for where you want to go. This process will help you clarify values and goals and move toward reaching them step-by-step with increasing motivation and confidence. This approach can often be intergrated with CBT.

 Along with CBT and MI, I use a solution-focused approach to address situations and relationships that are causing distress. This process helps us formulate specific solutions for problems in your life that may seem overwhelming, confusing and difficult (or impossible) to change. This approach can be integrated with the others whenever a life situation is partly to blame for your feelings of depression, anxiety and distress. 

 I also help people with skills for managing anger, being more assertive, resolving conflicts, improving communication in relationships. and processing intense emotions related to grief, loss, divorce, workplace conflict and difficult life transitions.

Wellness Coaching

Wellness coaching takes your mental health one step further by helping you optimize your life in specific key areas that are essential for balance, happiness and a sense of purpose. You do not have to have a specific "disorder" to benefit from coaching. Areas of focus include:

  • Career Satisfaction
  • Fostering healthy habits
  • Improving relationships
  • Adjusting to life transitions
  • Exploring sexuality and gender
  • Facilitating self-expression
  • Finding greater meaning in your life

Educational Groups and Consulting

I conduct ongoing educational groups on emotional health, increasing happiness, stress reduction and facilitating mindfulness. I am also available to consult with your business or organization to help figure out ways to improve employee morale, communication and shared leadership. Contact me for more information about group times, consulting services and rates.