Well Mind Counseling

About Me

Over the last 20 years of living and working in Hawai`i, I have served the community in many capacities including organic farmer, grant writer, psychology instructor and college counselor. Prior to living in Hawai`i, I owned a Macintosh computer dealership in California with a mission to make jobs for artists, musicians, philosophers and innovative thinkers.

I was a pioneer in the human potential movement and have extensive experience leading and participating in educational groups and workshops related to personal growth. I went back to school to study counseling because I wanted to use my skills and rich life experience to help people directly on a one-to-one basis.


I have counseled people with a wide variety of beliefs, values, backgrounds, abilities, sexual orientations, gender identities, lifestyles and personalities. I am sensitive to the challenges of those who do not conform to social expectations, and offer you complete acceptance and support for who you are and whatever you choose to do with your life.


 I see counseling as an art and a science. I keep up with research on effective approaches in therapy and at the same time, I use my intuition in responding to the needs of my clients. My process is based on a balance between  scientific evidence and personal feedback.


In my own life, I utilize many of the same methods I use in counseling others, and I believe it is important to continually grow and learn, both as a counselor and as a human being. If you are looking for a down to earth therapist with lots of life experience, I encourage you to call or go online to make an appointment and see if my services are right for you.

My Practice

I strive to provide a safe, supportive space for addressing your mental health concerns. My clinical areas of specialty include relief from depression, reducing anxiety, managing chronic illness, and recovery from trauma and abuse.


In my wellness coaching practice I focus on proactive ways to make your life better including fostering healthy habits, improving relationships, adjusting to life transitions, exploring sexuality and gender, facilitating self-expression and finding greater meaning in your life.


From time to time I also conduct educational workshops, presentations and interactive groups on themes such as emotional health, increasing happiness, stress reduction and facilitating mindfulness. I am available for consulting engagements to help businesses and organizations create an atmosphere that supports employee wellness.

Counseling Methods

My approach in counseling is tailored to individual needs and preferences. See Services Offered for more specific information on methods of counseling I use. I choose your treatment based on who you are and what you are working on. In your first session we will identify objectives together, as partners in the counseling process. Our counseling plan will be based on your own unique strengths, your personal values and your comfort level with any therapeutic methods we use. My goal is to deliver results in the shortest possible time, while still being thorough in attending to all of your concerns.


Beginning with deep listening and emotional support, we will use proven therapies to help you change undesired behaviors and let go of counterproductive attitudes that can interfere with living the most fulfilling life possible. We will employ techniques that can help reduce painful emotional reactions and increase overall happiness. As needed, we will practice methods such as mindfulness training, proper breathing and several relaxation modalities shown to reduce anxiety and stress. I will recommend activities and exercises that can be practiced at home as well as in our sessions. 


If appropriate, we will delve into the past to gain insight into current issues. However, our primary focus will be to facilitate awareness and positive change in the here and now. Not all issues are strictly psychological, so we will discuss important decisions and formulate solutions to specific problems in your current life situation.  

The Next Step

Please contact me with questions about my approach in counseling, services & rates, or make an appointment. I am a preferred provider for most Hawai`i insurance plans, and I offer reduced rates for college students, seniors and those without insurance that covers my services. 


I invite you to work with me to increase your mental well-being, gain new perspectives and implement your goals. Sometimes it's hard to ask for help but you don’t have to struggle alone! Please contact me if you have further questions and I look forward to working together!